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Affordable Tree Service Tucson

We offer professional palm tree services in the Tucson area. We understand that every palm tree is unique, and therefore each service needs to fit both the tree itself as well as the environment it which it rests. We offer you the following tree service options:


  1. Tree Trimming

  2. Tree Removal 

  3. Tree Pruning

  4. Stump Removal

  5. Stump Grinding

  6. Palm Tree Trimming 

  7. Cactus Removal 

  8. Yard Cleaning

Service Area

  1. Tucson

  2. Marana

  3. Foothills

  4. Sahuarita

  5. Vail

  6. Green Valley

  7. Oro Valley

  8. Saddlebrooke

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Tucson Tree Service Near Me

We offer professional tree service for tree removal, tree pruning, tree fertilization, tree planting, tree health care, and suburb surface water delivery. Trees provide tremendous environmental and social benefits and can be a substantial financial investment. We recognize how important trees are to our lives and our environment, and we have developed a suite of quality tree services designed to help maintain and enhance your investment.


Tree Services in Tucson


Tree Removal

Our specialist are certified and bonded in the most efficient and safe means of removing damaged, diseased, or dangerous trees.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

With over 20 years of tree pruning and tree trimming experience, you can rest assured your arborist will aesthetically and safely remove your unhealthy branches and limbs.

Tree Planting and Transplanting

It takes skill and experience to safely plant a tree or move one to another location. We ensure your investment will thrive on your property because it was planted the correct way the first time.


Signature Services

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Yard Cleaning

You have a lot of options to choose from for tree service in Tucson, and many of them are just as highly qualified as we are.

Our only desire is to give you the skills you need to transform your outdoor space into the reflection of your values and personality it should be. We know you'll love our service and how your trees will look after our work is complete.

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Top Tree Service Tucson

(520) 278-5209

3865 E 34th St, Tucson AZ 85713

United States

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